Large Units

Our large storage units come in several sizes from 10′ x 20′ through 10′ x 30′. If you need assistance in selecting the right unit for your needs, please call us at (734) 721-4670.

10′ x 20′

A 10′ x 20′ unit can hold the entire contents of a two or three bedroom home including all appliances. It is also great for storing cars and other compact vehicles. Business owners prefer this unit size for storing excess inventory and tools as well.

10′ x 25′

The 10′ x 25′ storage unit can hold the contents of a three or four bedroom home. This unit is great for storing a boat or other vehicle. It is also perfect for commercial use.

10′ x 30′

A 10′ x 30′ unit will store the entire contents of a up to a four or five bedroom home. Small business owners also prefer this size for use as a distribution point or for storing excess inventory or records.