Small Units

Our Westland storage facility offers small storage units in a variety of sizes ranging from 5′ x 5′ to 5′ x 15′. Need help selecting a unit? Give us a call at (734) 721-4670.

5′ x 5′

The 5′ x 5′ storage unit is about the same size as a small closet in your home. Don’t let the size fool you, it can hold many boxes and totes, seasonal items and decorations if you stack them well.

5′ x 10′

The 5′ x 10′ storage unit is about the size of a walk-in closet in your home. It can hold the entire contents of one room, or even a motorcycle and some odds and ends. This unit is great for storage items from your garage, too.

5′ x 15′

A 5′ x 15′ storage unit can hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment without appliances. It is also great for storing boxes, totes, a motorcycle, or garage and seasonal items or exercise equipment.